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 Posted: Fri Jun 3rd, 2011 06:33 am
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mikenoirot wrote: While I am a huge Lincoln fan, has anyone ever wondered, how he would have been viewed had he not been assassinated? Booth's bullet made him a martyr throughout the north. I personally believe he would have still been one of our best presidents, as he would have had a much different, and I must say better, approach to reconstruction.

I say the same thing about JFK. Undoubtedly he would have won a second term in office, but how would he be viewed today if he hadn't been in Dallas that fateful day? Had both men lived to see the end of a second term how would we be viewing them today?

If assassinaion comes at the right moment it can certainly have a positive effect on how folks view some one. Can, not will. There are those today who hate Lincoln, but there are also plenty who consider him one of the best President's in US history. You have to think that his assassination helped with that.

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