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 Posted: Sat Jun 4th, 2011 06:30 am
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I mentioned this to someone and they said they'd read mercury had been used for this purpose either as far back as the Renissance or the Middle Ages.

I don't know though, just seems shocking that Davis lived as long as he did with this kind of "medicine." Again I don't know exactly how much mercury has to build up in the system before you suffer mercury posioning. But I'd figure at least some of the mercury after each treatment would have gone down his face and into his mouth And he died in 1889 Was he taking these drops every day for the rest of his life after his eye problem began? It's just really weird to me anyone could live that long with this kinda of treatment. But then we know things they didn't about some of the things that they used a good deal and we tend to stay away from it in certain forms.

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