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 Posted: Thu Jun 9th, 2011 09:55 pm
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I don't know if any of you have ever wanted to write yourselves. I enjoy a break into the world of make-believe, especially that which is called "alternate history." I don't know if any of you have ever sought to write anything, but i wanted to start a thread with my own creation and then let others also discuss their ideas. (And hopefully get some buyers ;)

I've recently published a book online  at

called "Brotherhood and Baseball." It's a history companion to my earlier book about baseball being integrated from the beginning.


BaB involves an early end to the Civil War after a Union win at Chancellorsville. Here is the summary from the back of the book.


Finally, a Civil War what-if that goes where few have dared, showing how things could have been better!


A sudden change thwarts Lee’s miracle at Chancellorsville. As Union victories mount, President Lincoln tries to use a Southern Christian gentleman as a peacemaker. Meanwhile, two Southern soldiers and several Northern ones survive, including baseball-loving John Benton, who is determined to help the races get along as equals. He hopes to at least achieve the integration of baseball, a sport which is covered more fully in ‘If Baseball Integrated Early.”


This alternate history shows the lives of these survivors, as well as President Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and others from that era, including Octavius Catto, an early Civil Rights leader whose survival because of baseball is another great help in improving race relations, or at least trying, in a South that holds very little animosity toward the more lenient North.


This sets the stage for an eventful 1910’s and 1920’s. President Underwood faces a crucial decision, and those same men who survived the Civil War thanks to its early end find themselves witness history again as more and more things besides baseball are integrating in the North. Can even the Southerners begin to see the benefits of an integrated society?"


This and other books of mine - including the baseball companion of this one, "If Baseball Integrated Early,' at lulu dot com. Sadly, they don't have the capacity to separate Doug Fowlers by searching that name, but you can search for one of those, then click on "Author spotlight." 


It was really fun to write. As I said in antoher post, I used a lot and there are very knowledgeable people there, as well as using the site a lot. But, this really would have helped me - although this board might have given me too much information. :).

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