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 Posted: Sun Jun 12th, 2011 03:42 am
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  I know that the Third Avenue Railroad Co. began operations in the 1850s, but I don't know who the owners were in the early years of the company.

The Cable Car Home Page - Cable Car Lines in New York and New Jersey

  Here is a book about the company which would no doubt answer that question. Metropolitan New York's Third Avenue Railway System (Images of Rail) (9780738538105): Charles L. Ballard: Books

 You were right about the Shakers. They emigrated to the US before the Revolutionary War. The article states that it was Lindenmueller who founded a new "church" and called it the : "Shaker Congregation." Apparently, he meant for the : "Congregation" to meet at his saloon and use beer and wine as: "Holy water." Thus, he attempted to thwart the Sunday laws by claiming that they were interfering with the free exercise of religion, a right granted by the First Amendment.

IHAS: Artist/Movement/Ideas  The real Shakers.

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