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 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2011 12:34 am
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Ok, so I was reading Webb Garrison's Friendly Fire in the Civil War today, more precisely I was reading the sixteenth story entitled Cover-Up, and I got to wondering about what cover-ups there were during the war. Cover-Up itself discusses General Reno's being killed at South Mountain by soldiers of the 35th Mass as he was riding behind the lines around night fall. Garrison discusses how John M Priest wrote about the Antietam campaign and paid close attention to the Battle of South Mountain (well perhaps closer than most before him. So according to Priest one of the rookiee soldiers of the 35th mistook Reno and his group for Confederates and began aiming at them. This caused the soliders around him to open up, one dealing Reno the fatal blow. Garrison mentions that because Reno was who he was orders were given not to reveal it was friendly fire that took him down.

This got me to wondering, as I already mentioned, what other cover-ups were there, particulary on the battlefields?

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