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 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2011 04:17 am
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TD, I'm aware friendly fire goes hand in hand in warfare. Even without the Garrison book I'd already learned of incidents of it during the war. But it's the idea of a cover-up that's interesting here. You'd think that with enough folks present a cover-up would  be rather difficult to keep quite. According to the book, it was 21 years before the cover-up was revealed to the public. With mentioning Jackson you'd almost think someone would have shouted for the solders of the 35th to stop firing, that they were shooting their own people. Wasn't it with Jackson that the NC boys were told to stop firing because they were shooting their own men and someone yelled that it was a yankee trick? With that thought in mind, how could Reno's death at friendly fire have been covered up for 21 years.

And what other cover-ups might there have been that we actually know about. Not just friendly fire incidents. I mean friendly-fire wise could Jackson being shot by his own men have been tried to be covered up but there were simply too many soldiers and word spread so the cover-up died before it was even really put into action. Or what about blunders where some political officer's actions maybe got themselves and their men killed and the politicians then tried a cover-up that placed the blame on some other officer.

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