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 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2011 05:15 am
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  As I remember the Jackson incident at Chancellorsville, General Jackson was riding with his staff after dark, and the party was challenged by the NC troops. A NC officer (Thought to be Major John D. Barry) gave the order to fire, and some men and horses riding behind the general were hit.

  The story goes that one of Jackson's aides rode forward shouting for the NC troops to stop firing, that they were firing on friendly troops. Supposedly, one of the NC troops (Perhaps the same Major Barry) said something like: "It is a lie. Pour it to them." The NC troops opened fire again, and General Jackson was then hit.

  Speaking of friendly fire incidents in general, there could be a number of reasons why they might not become known immediately, or even at all. In some cases, the friendly casualties might be thought to have been caused by enemy fire. There might never be an investigation, or the truth might come out later due to a subsequent investigation when more facts are known. In other cases, an: "Official version" of an incident might be put out by higher authorities, and those involved might decide that it is more prudent to say nothing about it.

  In some cases, the principal parties to the action might be casualties themselves, and either the entire truth isn't known to others, or the more convenient story to put out is that the casualties were caused by the enemy. As the saying goes: "Dead men tell no tales." An: "Official version" might then be established and maintained.

  In some cases, higher authority might know what really happened and might decide that it should be covered up due to the adverse consequences for those involved if the truth became known. The truth might be thought to be damaging to morale, and that keeping it secret might be advisable: "For the good of the service." Or that might just be the rationalization for putting the coverup into operation.


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