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 Posted: Mon Jun 13th, 2011 05:53 am
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It's certainly easy to see how friendly fire could have an adverse affect on the troops of those units not involved in the firing. You find out soldiers of a particular unit have fired on their comrades in an engagment are you really gonna want to be placed on the line next to that unit? Their friend killers, how do you really know they didn't do it by accident. 

Certainly it's possible highly disliked officers could delibertly get killed by their own men in any war in the heat of combat. Thanks to Band of Brothers I got into reading about E Company 506th PIR and I believe Malarkey said in his book there was talk about Sobel's own men thinking of killing him in battle. And I know I've read about soldiers in the Civil War refusing to follow commands by officers they didn't care for. Quite likely they even thought about killing them, and some possibly did.

And thinking about that causes me to think that some units, should they have learned a particular unit had been involved in a friendly fire inccident, would be questioning whether that inccident was an accident or whether that unit did it on purpose. The thought could have been not only could they be sympathetic with the otherside but that they were the worse kind of traitor. One who wears the same uniform as those around them so as to be able to attack undetected.

And yeah, I know some friendly fire incidents took place because of uniforms.

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