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 Posted: Sat Jun 25th, 2011 04:16 am
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I don't think Lee could have operated in PA indefinately. Both sides faced the same problem. That is the possibility of the enemy capturing their capital. Invading the North was a bold move on Lee's part. Bold because had someone decided this was the big chance they could have sent at least a corps on to Richmond. But of course the folks in the North were so terrified of the Army of Northern Virginia being in the North that it seems there was no thought to moving on Richmond. Just get Lee. But had Lee remained in PA I think someone would have eventually tried risking it. If Lee didn't catch on to the move or the Army of the Potomac moved to cut him off or delay him, then Richmond might have been taken sooner.

Maybe I'm wrong, but there certainly seems like there were fears whenever Lee invaded the North that he would move on Washington so the Army of the Potomac had to move to stop that. And the South certainly had to fear the same thing happening to Richmond as the Army of the Potomac was so often moving in that direction.

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