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 Posted: Mon Jul 4th, 2011 08:16 pm
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  Since the Lincoln-Douglas Debates have come into discussion on this thread, I wonder why the: "What if" crowd apprently hasn't ever considered the question: "What if Lincoln had won the election in 1858?"

  Would he have run for president in 1860? I'm sure that his wife would have wanted him to. But if he had won in 1858, he would have had duties to his constituents in his state. He would have had a job, and not been as free to travel around the country, building up a national following. If he had not run for president, or not won the nomination, who would have been the Republican nominee? Perhaps it would have been Mr. Seward.

  If it had been Mr. Seward, would he have won the election as Mr. Lincoln did, because the Democrat party had split? And if he won the election, would the southern states have seceded?

  And if the southern states had seceded, would Mr. Seward have prosecuted the war with the same level of determination for as long as Lincoln did? (My guess is that he would not have). And if he didn't, would the southerners have secured their independence? (My guess is that they would have).

  All of this, of course, is simply wild speculation. But that is an exercise that a few on this board, at least, like to engage in.  :D

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