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At Mechanicsville, from what I can gather the Light Division faced union genreal McCalls third division of the federal fifth corp. In the front line of the main position along Beaver Dam creek were two brigades of the Pennsylvania Reserves under Brig. Gen. John F. Reynolds. In reserve was George Meades brigade also of McCalls division. The other two divisions of Porters corp were about three miles to the east at Gaines farm. McCalls division was supported by six batteries of field artillery. A.P.Hill ordered the light division to deploy into line and advance at about 3:00 p.m. Union pickets are driven back by Archer and Fields brigades. At 3:20 union batteries open on Fields brigade. At about the same time Andersons Georgians advance to the east to try to out flank Porters line. Archer and Fields men are exsposed to a murderous fire as they cross an open field toward Beaver Dam creek. There Reynolds with the first brigade were ready to meet them. Pender advances to the right of Fields Brigade and runs into Seymours third brigade. Lee orders Ripleys brigade of D.H. Hills division to support Pender. But he gets pinned down with Pender opposite Ellersons Mill a little after 6:00 p.m. So there is no way to flank the union on the right. But to the left, J.R. Andersons brigade succeeds in driving back the men of Reynolds brigade. Until reinforcements from Martindales first brigade drive back Andersons men. Branch had been trying to connect his line with Jackson. Greggs men were on the way. And would pay a terrible price at Gaines Mill next day. The light division plus Ripleys brigade suffered 1,484 killed and wounded at Mechanicsville. Most of it due to frontal assaults, however they are going to do it again on the morrow at Gaines Mill.


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