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 Posted: Thu Jul 21st, 2011 12:43 pm
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One thing that may be interesting to the members of the board on the light division, is companies A and L of the 16th N.C. They were transferred to Thomas's Legion on October 5th 1862. They had went through the battle's of the Seven Pine's, Seven Day's, Cedar Mountain, 2nd Manassas, Sharpsburg and Shepherdstown. The men were from the counties of Jackson and Haywood. Thomas's Legion were formed to garrison the Blue Ridge mountain passage's into western N.C. They were made up of high lander's and cherokee indian's. The cherokee numbered about four hundred in thier rank's. The confederate battle flag of the legion is on display at the museum of the cherokee indian, in Cherokee N.C. If any one is passing by that way, check it out. Thomas's Legion fired the last shot of the war east of the Mississippi. Thomas is the only white man to serve as chief of the cherokee. Before the war Thomas lobbied hard in Washington for indian right's. If any one is interested in more on this legion see Pender

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