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 Posted: Sun Jul 24th, 2011 04:37 pm
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Don't recall, Mark. I remember them talking about the shot and having to take several attempts at it because it was a windy day. Remember them talking about bomb plots and Lincoln having his hat shot off while riding. I've maybe seen the episode, really seen it, once and actually seen it twice. Really seen meaning not being very distracted at the time, and that was a while ago. I think they decided under ideal conditions it was possible. But if it was too windy it might not have happened on purpose

Pender, that may be accurate and it may also be a bit low. According to this site,, it was accurate to eighteen hundred yards with the telescopic sight used. And the Enfield was accurate up to eleven hundred yards. The history supplemental on my Civil War Generals 2  says the Enfield was only up to 1,000 yards instead of 1,100. The according to the Berdan Sharpshooter's site,, the Model 1859 Sharps Rifle was able to acquire up to a 1,000 yards. Right now I'm not in a position to be grabbing any of my books and checking what they say about ranges so I don't know how accurate any of this is.

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