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 Posted: Thu Aug 4th, 2011 03:01 am
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Thank you for taking the time to respond to my nonsense. I like you have a family that have fought in most if not all our countries wars. I was shocked to find that my fathers family came to this country from the country we now call Germany to fight against the colonists. They later moved from New York to an area called Tejas (Texas). In my arrogance I wish I could find an a family connection to the Battle of the Alamo, Goliad, or something else. The Germans largely sat out out those battles and the most of struggles against Santa Ana. Actually it was not until the war of northern aggression that my families name found itself in another battle for it's independence. Reading you'll find that most folks of German ancestry in Texas voted against succession.
So we both love our families history and communicating it on educational and enjoyable websites such as this. Perhaps I chose the incorrect day or website to wonder, "When is Jeff Davis correct"? When do those that love our history embody the passions or our ancestors at the voting box? Do we continue to allow the ideals of Chicago (Lincoln/Obama)to bomb and burn our families into submission of oath again? I believe in that oath as my father did when he took it before joining the military and fighting in WWII. I believe it as my brother did who remains somewhere in Southeast Asia. I do not think that Lincoln believed it the same as I (Yes, I know it was not the same words to the pledge) nor do I believe our current president believes it.
When are the ideals of a Jeff Davis correct?

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