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 Posted: Thu Aug 11th, 2011 05:44 am
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PA Bucktail
Co. B, 1st PA Rifles

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Hi, my name is Dave and I am a Civil War enthusiast/reenactor from Allentown (yes, that Allentown), PA. After having had interest in the subject for years, it became a full-on obsession several years ago upon reading the Shaara's series. It began with books, followed by painting miniatures, Civil War video games (Take Command: Second Manassas and Scourge of War: Gettysburg), genealogy and finally the ultimate step: reenacting.

I am in my first year of reenacting, with Company B of the 1st Pennsylvania Rifles (13th PA Reserves, 42nd PA or simply the Bucktails) and often enough I find myself just waiting for the next time that I'll get to go out and truly live.

For those interested, I have ancestry in the following units: 6th PA Reserves, 46th PA, 48th PA, 151st PA and 28th MA. There's another who was in a PA cavalry unit, but the regiment escapes me at this time.

I look forward to finally having some good discussion!

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