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 Posted: Sun Aug 14th, 2011 04:57 pm
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Old Blu, The battle of Cedar Mountain has always been very interesting to me though I have never visted the battle field I would like to one day. Does the battle field at Cedar Mountain have the markers around the field that tells the regiment's position's and what they done? I know the Gettysburg and Sharpsburg battle fields do. One of the things that I like about Cedar Mt. is it is one of the only battle's where Stonewall Jackson got very excited. When Tallaferro and Garnett's brigade's and part of the famed Stonewall brigade are getting pushed back by the union brigade's of Crawford and Gordon. The light division arrive last. Thomas's Georgian brigade is sent to support Early and with the help of Thomas Early holds off Augur's attack through the cornfield. As the line begins to disintegrate on Tallaferro and a Garnett's front. Branch, Archer and Pender's brigade's begin to arrive. Old Stonewall gets excited grabs his sword to pull out and wave above his head but the sword is rusted in the scabbard. So he takes sword in the scabbard lifts and waves. Then he took hold of a confederate battle flag waded in among his men shouting with the sword in scabbard in one hand confederate battle flag in the other. Branch's men move into position were Garnett's men had previously been reestablishing the line. Archer and Pender move to support the Stonewall brigade. Here is what I have called a mystery at Cedar Mt. for me anyway. It has to do with Pender's brigade. In most of what I have read they almost always give Pender the iorn fisted blow that melt's away the union right flank. I know from study that Pender took time to position his men just right before the awesome blow. Here is my mystery the casualties list. As most know when an regiment is heavily engaged you can often tell through the casualties. Well at Cedar Mt. Penders casualties for his entire brigade is 2 killed 11 wounded 2 missing. Total casualties 15. The union men that Pender drove into the men of Gordon's division was the 2nd Massachusetts, 3rd Wisconsin, 27th Indiana, Zouaves d Afrique ( Collis's Co. ). Thier brigade's total casualties are 74 killed 191 wounded 79 missing. Total casualties 265. I know these men were engaged from the front some from Archer and the Stonewall brigade, but still. Was Pender's flank attack that decisive? One thing you may or not know Old Blu is the 52nd's casualties at Cedar Mt. I will give them either way in case you dont. 52nd Virginia 4 killed 12 wounded. Total casualties 16.













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