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 Posted: Mon Aug 15th, 2011 10:09 pm
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Old Sorrel wrote: Johan Steele wrote: Bad weekend... bad week. Feels like two steps back right now.

Grated Parmisan... ummm.

Wife made a huge Greek Meal last night. Legof lamb, Fried Cheese, Greek salad, Greek vegetables and lemon rice soup. Life is good when you marry a good cook.

Hello Johan,

This might be a stupid question.....but how do you fry cheese? It sounds different.....but I keep getting this visual of a huge whats the secrete?

I'd probably try double batterring kinda like I do with my fried fish. Well actually I do more of a double dredge where I go into the egg wash, then the seasoned flour, then repeat the process a second time before I put it into the oil. I like it and it tends to be crispy as long as I get to it fairly soon.

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