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 Posted: Thu Nov 9th, 2006 04:49 pm
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E Pluribus Unum

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Glad to be of comedic assistance!  So when you say that Wallace fed his troops before marching them on, he was actually filling them up on Beauregard's pies?  Cool.  Were they apple or cherry?  I'm kidding, you know.  In all seriousness, I love hearing stories.  They make the war more human.  These men survived on small moments of humor and large amounts of comradery.

Here's one of my favorites...

On the march to Raymond...

"After awhile as we were marching quietly along, we heard two gentle pops, which we were able to recognize as gunshots.  Far in front I heard, 'Somebody is shooting at squirrels' from one of the boys. POP! POP! POP! came three more shots in quick succession, only a little closer this time.  'The squirells are shootin back!' growled a burly Irishman.  'And sure it's meself that don't approve of that kind of squirrel that's shootin.  Not a bit of it!'"

My Dad has my Grandpa's original "Muster-In Muster-Out" book from 1865.  Chester penciled in his name on the front and back inside cover.  It gives me chills every time I hold it.  It means more to me than gold.  I was looking at it the other night and a slip of old paper fell out.  It looks like a map he drew of Vicksburg and the surrounding area.  Anyway, the stories of mules and pies I found in that book.  I will try to send a link of the online version.  I apologize if it does not work.


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