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 Posted: Sun Sep 4th, 2011 05:44 pm
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Old Blu wrote: Pender, now that I have read Krick's book, I am planning on visiting again with my movie camera.  A lot of the pictures I took are where the gate was located and I didn't realize that was the hot spot for cannon.  That is kind of creepy. I am a little curious why there wasn't a buildup of infantry in the corner of those woods back out of sight anticipating an attack by the Union army to follow the cannon fire. Do you think that is another goof by the invincible Stonewall? :( Also, it is noted when the Union attack came they ran out of steam just before reaching Early.  Do you see it that way? For you. Old Blu, Stonewall Jackson said later after the battle of Cedar Mountain that it was "the most successful of his exploits." I would assume that Jackson did not have the men to mass in the woods till Hills men would arrive. Looking at Jacksons lines I would think he could have spared some men from Forno and Trimble, but I suspect he left them in place to hold his right flank. IMO I think Jacksons mistake was not waiting for A.P. Hill's division to come up before making the attack. Then he would have had the men to place in the woods anticipating the attack of the union army. Ironically as the battle was to be another victory for Stonewall, is how it would come to be. For union general Banks was intent on attacking Jackson to redeem himself from his thrashing gave by Old Jack. A.P. Hill's last minute arrival due to Jacksons new orders of march that he(A.P. Hill) was not aware of. Just amazing how all of this little details shaped the battle.

When the union attack reached Early I think it still had quite abit of steam. As any gets when it is routing the enemy. Garnett and Tallaferro were on the run. I believe Early reinforced by Thomas of the light division took the steam out of Crawford. The great mistake of  Banks was to sent Crawford in unsupported.

Thanks for the map, Pender 

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