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 Posted: Sun Sep 4th, 2011 10:32 pm
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Old Blu, I think I have found the cause of Hill not being there sooner. First off was the confusion of the preceding day. As you know Jackson was not very good at giving his command decisions. Hill was unaware of them as was Taliaferro, when Winder was killed. Hills orders were to march, that was about all Hill knew. Second was reconnaissance, Jackson failed to reveal either the position or the strength of the enemy until contact was made. Third the cannon fire you mentioned began before even Winder and Ewell were deployed, from my understanding they had a hard time of breaking off the marching column's to make battle lines. Alot of the connonading at first that went on was to help these men get into battle lines. Guns were brought up and artillary fire was used to screen the maneuvering of the troops into combat positions. Hill was not up when the fighting started. He was not far behind, however, having determinedly pushed the light division throughout the day to close the gap between it and the leading divisions of Winder and Ewell. So I believe even though things worked out for Jackson upon the arrival of the light division. He went in to this fight blind, kind of like Lee at Gettysburg, except on a smaller scale.

Old Blu, I know I had asked you about Penders position on the battle field. So forgive me if I ask another. Some of us are not as close to them as you. You have got me wanting to come see Cedar Mt. Battle field. But I have done promised my wife Charleston this year.(Fort Sumter) Had promised her last year and ended up going to Sharpsburg. Can you pin point the position of captain Willie Pegram's and W.B. Hardy's batteries. They should be over on the shoulder of the hill from Earlys position. Early saved them from being captured.




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