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 Posted: Fri Sep 16th, 2011 05:22 am
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Alright, I'm hitting the Civil War Battles Page roight now, having to do a word search since they had to take down the listing of battles by state. As Wyoming County is in West Virginia today at least I know what state to look for. I'm coming up with these hits between January 25th and February 25th 1863 (I'm only going to link those pages where Confederate forces are actually known to the webmaster):

Bristerburg Road Jan 27th

Charlestown Feb 12th

Kingsville Ford Jan 26th

Romeny Feb 16th

Smithfield Feb 12th

That's all I can say I found for certain, I may have missed some, I'm not sure. And I'm don't know if any occured in the area you're looking for or not.

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