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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 03:05 am
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Thank you for your response.  I recently visited the Ohio State Historical Society and was able to locate some documents.  The Book of the Confederate Dead, 1862-1865. Page 129, July 11 dos show M. Ford Citizen of Virginia as being at Camp Chase.   Page 154 of the List of Prisoners of War Deceased, Champ Chase Ohio July 63, shows July 10 Mathew Ford, Rebel Scout, Wyoming Co. Virginia.  I have reason to believe that he was taken prisoner january 25 1863.  The tragedy is that as a civilian he was not given the same accord as a soldier and thus when he died of Typhoid Fever his body was turned over to the City Cemetery which was a paupers grave yard outside of Columbus.  The City discontinued using the cemetery shortly afterwards and had a private company move the graves.  However they failed to move a large number of the graves and when the land was sold for development some of the remaining graves were uncovered.  People refused after that to live on the property and it was abandoned again.  The City then plowed the land up to build a highway and more headstones etc. were uncovered.  I still have to obtain the news paper articles from the Columbus Dispatch but there were several writeups about the tragic situation with the cemetery.  Mathew's body was one that was not moved and to the best of my knowledge still rests somewhere under Long and Fourth Streets.  I want to collect as much information as I can pertaining to Mathew Nathan Ford so that I can give validation to his life and although his remains can never be brought home his soul can be at peace knowing that his family and descendents remember him and know the whole story.  While I feel that my great, great grandfather deserved better than a paupers grave I know that there are probably thousands of other families who will never know what happened to their loved ones.   Maybe I can take the thousands of missing loved ones and make them one less.  When one checks the list of deceased personnel at the military site Mathews name is not on the list.  Mathew was a prisoner of war none the less and as such should be rembered.   Many of the Civil War Records can now be located on Ancestry.Com.  One such document , can not read title of document, but the document lists the Name, Rank, Regiment, or County, and State, Company, Where Captured, When Captured, Sent for Exchange, Remarks (This appears to be a disposition of prisoners form during the period when the North and South Exchanged prisoners of War). Number 3 on the lists rerads, Ford, Matthew, Rebel Scout, Rebel Army, Wyoming County, Va., (can't make out month) 25th, the rest is blank

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