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 Posted: Tue Sep 20th, 2011 10:10 pm
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I thought I read in one of my books that scouts were to be treated like spies unless taken in uniform. Or maybe even if taken in uniform. I don't know, I'd have to go through all my books that cover scouts and spies and that side of the war. I want to say it was the Officer's handbook which Stackpole Books reprinted (The 1862 Army Officer's Pocket Companion). Can't be sure it was that one, though.

As for what the city did to the cemetary, sounds typical. Once they were the final resting place, now if their in the way of progress who cares enough about the dead. Doesn't seem to matter if their Federal, Confederate, Revolution, colonial, or what. Always bothers me to see golf courses built next to or around old cemetaries, but that's nothing cause at least the cemetary still is there. It's when they decide to "move" the bodies so they can build over the cemetary. Or worse, they leave 'em their and just plow them over or flood them for a resivor without even trying to remove the bodies.

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