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 Posted: Sat Oct 15th, 2011 02:18 am
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I have read in the histories of the several regiments and battalions from N.C. In What is called Clark's Regiments, a very interesting thing about some union dogs. Yes that is right some union dogs. I have a question about them that I will ask but first I will read what it says to help you understand my question. In Clark's history of N.C. Regiments, Benjamin H. Cathey of the sixteenth N.C. writes, on page 754, of the days before the Seven Pines Battle. " At this time General McClellan had got a pretty good foot- hold on Virginia soil, and within a few miles of the Confederate capital.  He had extended his line from the James River a considerable distance up the Chickahominy. His organization was to every appearance complete. Balloons could be seen to ascend every day, spying out our peculiar location. The enemy was using in front of the Sixteenth some large New Foundland dogs as advance pickets. When we wished to move forward our picket line we disposed of these quadruped yanks in short order by administering our favorite prescription, rebel pellets in lead."

OK here is my question, has anyone ever heard of this? Did the Union use dogs at times for advance pickets?

Also I would like to ask if anyone has any dog stories during the war, either side reb or yank?


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