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 Posted: Sun Oct 23rd, 2011 10:50 pm
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With Halloween just around the corner, this is a good time to think about Civil War ghosts.

The History Channel every once in a while runs a program called "Haunted Key West". In it they tell the story of a historian who was working alone at Fort Zachary Taylor a few years ago studying the amazing coastal artillery there. He felt a strange cold, damp chill and when he turned around, he was shocked to see a man in full Union Civil War attire!
I wish I could remember more details, but the story is quite convincing.

We visit Key West several times a year and always visit the fort near sunset because it is a great place to watch Key West's spectacular sunsets. I hope and dream I, too, will meet up with this ghost, but never have.

The park rangers run everybody out of Fort Zachary Taylor State Park right after sunset, so maybe we have to leave too early to ever see the soldier ghost. We do get to see the heavy artillery, though. today has an article about the Five Most Haunted Cemeteries in the US. Not surprisingly, one is Gettysburg Cemetery. That totally makes sense. In fact, I can easily imagine many spots around Gettysburg and the battelfield are haunted.

I have felt really spooked many times near Spangler's Spring but can find no distant relatives who were involved in the fighting near that spot, so I don't know why that place gives me the chills, but it certainly does.

Do any of you have a favorite "haunted" or spooky Civil War place or story?

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