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 Posted: Thu Oct 27th, 2011 10:32 am
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One of. Supposed to have been a grandfather. And their the only one I may have a regiment for. My mom used to have his service record but she showed it to someone in the family and it vanished. She's certain she remembers it said he served with the 6th AL, though without the records she's not a hundred percent. He did survive the war.

I think if you're going to talk being trounced that you need to consider the percentage. If I've done the math right (rounding off at anything above or below .5 of a percent), Grant suffered an 11% to 12% casualty rate at Cold Harbor given the numbers we had for the number of troops he had. By contrast at Antietam McClellan suffered between a 16.5% to 17% casualty rate. Hooker is looking at a 13% to 15% casualty rate at Chancellorsville. Surprisingly Burnside is looking at 11%. So comparing Cold Harbor, Fredericksburg, and Chancellorsville to  Antietam you have Grant, Hooker, and Burnside loosing more men than McClellan, but they have more men to loose.

Seven Pines McClellan is looking at 12% casulties. During the Seven Days he's looking at 15% to 17% casualties. South Mountain is his best of the listed battles, at  6% it's the only battle where his causalties are lower than Grant, Hooker, or Burnside.

With two battles where his casualty rate reaches 17% and only one battle where it's below the other three for all the battles listed McClellan looks like he got trounced as much as they did despite having fewer casualties.

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