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 Posted: Thu Oct 27th, 2011 09:58 pm
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Yes, but look at the confederate casulties, McClellan inflict's in the above mentioned battles. My point being in the battles discussed, Burnside only inflict's 5,377 compared to losing 12,653. From your first post on stats. Hooker inflict's 12,463 compared to losing 17,287. Your first post. Grant inflict's 2,500 compared to losing 13,000. Your second post.

In none of McClellan's battles did he lose more than he inflicted. As I said before McClellan was not great, just better than given credit for. If it was a war of numbers as some believe it was. Could not McClellan accomplish this as good as the next man?

As I stated before just because you lose the most men does not necessarily mean you lose the battle. But I would not call Second Manassas (Pope) Chancellorsville (Hooker) Fredericksburg (Burnside) Cold Harbor (Grant) anything else, but a trouncing. McClellan never suffered a defeat such as these in any of his battles.





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