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 Posted: Fri Oct 28th, 2011 02:09 am
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Mark, Using the offical records of all McClellan's battles except the Seven Pines, on that I used Hellcats first post of that battle. There is a total of 38,618 union causalties that fought under General McClellan that would more than likely disagree with your post.

Also to get back to the original question of this thread why would Gen. Lee say his best opponent during the war was McClellan? IMO it is because the battles between Lee and McClellan were always very intense, not to say each battle during the war was not. The Seven Days Lee was under pressure to relieve Richmond. At Sharpsburg Lees back was against the wall.

What's your's and Hellcats opinion on why Lee would say this? It is always said at Sharpsburg McClellan could of finished Lee. But before 1865 could this be said of any other union general except maybe Meade after Gettysburg?


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