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 Posted: Fri Oct 28th, 2011 09:52 pm
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I think Longstreet would have welcomed an counter attack. As I have said before Longstreet was a master at the defensive as Jackson was a master at the offensive. Lee set up for the attack after the charge, but as you know it never came. But realistically though I think both armies were fought out at the end of the ppt charge on the third day. All I think would have happened if Meade would have counter attacked is he would have had as many casualties as Lee. Lee's artillery ammo was low but he had saved enough for just that. The ppt charge had ended the frontal assaults for the army of ANV. Every time they are going to meet the AOTP they are going to be dug in. Except in the tangle of the Wilderness. What a price to pay to learn the old Napoleonic ways of battle are over. Grant will learn this lesson after Cold Harbor.


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