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 Posted: Sat Oct 29th, 2011 01:21 pm
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I never said that it wasn't my opinion either, just that there are so many "ifs" in the contentions, if Jackson had attacked earlier, if he hadn'd been wounded, if Lee had pressed on harder before Hooker withdrew then maybe the AotP would have been destroyed but that goes the same for Antietam and probably many other battles too. If A.P Hill hadn't made it in time,if McClellan had committed all his troops and pressed Lee on the 18th rather than sit and watch then maybe Antietam would have been the decisive victory in the East. And yes I do read Sears and and many others but surely we are playing "What Ifs" here.I agree with you about Franklin, but "if" Hood and the AoT had been more on the ball at Spring Hill then would Franklin have happened at all, or Nashville, and would Sherman have had to about turn and follow Hood to the Ohio? None of that happened of course so speculation is all we have.

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