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 Posted: Sun Oct 30th, 2011 06:26 am
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the point is you cant say it was impossible for Lee to have destroyed the AoTP, again if Lee could do what he did while out numbered almost 3 to 1 the surely it's possible for him to do it against an army of only 95000. I also consider antietam to be a great victory for CSA... pender said it all, for an army to trapped with it's back against a river and out numbered like it was Lee achieved a tactical victory in repelling Mcclellan's attacks for 12 hours and being able to withdraw. No commander had a greater advantage then McClellan did during Antietam. The difference between McClellan at Antietam and Lee at Chancellorsville is Lee did press the attack. Once Lee lost the advantage of surprise he did lose his chances of destroying the AoTP. No 50,000 men can achieve much success in frontal assaults against 130,000 men.

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