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 Posted: Wed Nov 2nd, 2011 01:25 pm
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Sorry I haven't been a very active poster the past few months. I've been busy with yard work and training for this past Sundays MCM. What an incredible experience, 30,000 individuals plus thousands of marines providing support. I've done seven 1/2 marathons the last 2 years but never a full. I trained 18 weeks for it. Alas I didn't complete the full (didn't pull out). We began at Arlington National Cem. crossed the Key Bridge, ran through Georgetown, the Capitol and at mile 20 crossed the I-395 bridge back into Arlington. The MCM has a set time which one has to be at the 1-395 before they open it up to traffic. Anyone not reaching that point is deverted and thus not allowed to complete the full. Never having run a full, I purposely set my pace to conserve energy and finish well. The DC police prematurely (45 minutes before the set time for diversion) diverted us at mile 20 thus preventing some of us (hundreds) from completing the marathon. Naturely I'm dissapointed I didn't run the entire 26.2 miles but I did run 22 miles (longest I've ever run), had a great time, met some really exceptional individuals (many are retired marines). My elation far outweighs my dissapointment and I'm currently planning on attempting it again next year.

Doc C

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