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 Posted: Thu Nov 3rd, 2011 02:37 am
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I understand that the question i'm about to ask will be very controversial and really doesnt even pertain to The american Civil war but if anyone can give insight into this question it would have to be the men and women that study the essence of Civil War.

With everything going on in our nation, wall street riots, recession and overall corruption, do any of ya'll see another Civil war or more accurately another revolution on the horizon? I love my country my brother served 2 tours in Iraq and my father served 2 tours in Vietnam, but reading back on the reasons the Colony's revolted against England during the American revolution, seem like some of the same issues we have today. Lincoln said in his Gettysburg address " a nation of the people by the people and FOR the people", now it seems like its a nation for Government and Corporations. I'm not at all political, I cant even tell you if I'm a democrat or a republican but i know what's right and wrong and very little that the government is doing today seems right. Anyway based on the tensions in the nation right now what do you think? Is revolution on the horizon? Do you think that there should be? If so would it be a voiolent revolution or one of only protests and such? I'd really appeciate your opinion.

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