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 Posted: Fri Nov 4th, 2011 03:41 am
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I would give the Wall Street protesters more credance if they had a more viable argument. Empoyment is at approximately 91%. I do not fault people for being industrious or smart enough to make more money than I make, and I do not think it fair to say, just because you have more money than I do, that you should give some (in the form of higher taxes) to me....I think they are protesting the wrong place....They should protest the government for making it easier and more beneficial for busineses to go over-seas......Shoot, I'd go over-seas, too, if the government wanted to unfairly tax me....I am a Career Counselor, and there ARE jobs for people that REALLY want, or need, to work.....Again, employment is at about 91%.
Thanks for your indulgence.

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