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 Posted: Sat Nov 5th, 2011 01:45 am
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CSMiller.....I appreciate what you're doing working for a better life for you & your daughter....I admire that quality and I sure can empathize with a $10 pay cut.....I certainly hope things improve, not only for you, but for our entire nation.....Knowing myself as I do, and knowing you (based on your demeanor and content of conversation) I was confident this wouldn't turn political....Personally, I NEVER discuss religion or politics....
While the Wall Street Occupiers have their rights to assemble, voice their opinions, etc, my opinion is that they will have little effect, I'm afraid....Since the whole thing started, this is the first time I've ever had a conversation with anybody about the situation....Which ges to show the importance/significance that it has, in my circles, anyway, everyone is different, it just never comes up in conversation with me & people I know...
My thought is that, for the most part and with the occassional "tightening of the belt" I still see "life as usual" in that people still spend too much at the mall and on stuff we really don't need. Yes, money is tight, but I don't see the wide-spread starvation of communities or businesses collapsing as the news media would have us believe. I think, IF the economy goes belly-up on the scale of the Crash of '29, then there will be more civil unrest. The magnatude of an economic crash on such a scale as 1929 hasn't happened yet, so I think more people feel disaffected than affected.

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