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 Posted: Mon Nov 7th, 2011 12:48 am
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Hellcat, If the Secession of Virginia does not happen , then the secession of Arkansas, N.C. and Tenn probabaly does not. Though we have this in another what if, there is a strong possibility that if Lincoln does not call for 75,000 troops to put down the rebellion, these four states stay in the union. I believe the secession of these four states is due to Lincoln's proclamation for 75,000 troops. So lets say these four states do not secede, Virginia stays in the union, Lee command's the union army. IMO, the war is over in six months. I base that on Lee vs Johnston, the confederate troops are still just as good, but no great leadership. Also with the four states mentioned still in the union there is fewer men for the south. Less ground to cover for the north. But on the other hand if Virginia had not seceded would Johnston have been in command? He was a Virginian. I do not believe there is no invasion of northern soil without Lee or Jackson. Longstreet is the next best but he is defensive minded. Would he have even had time to show his capabilities and move up in rank against Lee?

Stonewall Jackson, Though I think he would of thought Lincoln's war against the deep south wicked. I do not believe he would lift he's hand against Virginia.

Grant, I do not see Grant being defensive, I think he is still offensive. I do not see him digging in and waiting on the enemy. But in this twilight zone we have going the tables have turned, now Lee has all the resources and men. Lee wins!


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