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 Posted: Thu Nov 10th, 2011 08:40 am
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Wow, my computer and me are not getting along! This is the 4th try to make this post. Forgive my impatience in the upcoming diatribe.
First, I am merely an opinionated student of the civil war and I'll accept your account of Shermans statement as fact.
That being said, Sherman was ultimately correct, but was his warfare methodology necessary?
I believe the American Civil War should never have been fought. By the turn of the 20th century, slavery would have been economically unviable for the South and the dreaded institution would have collapsed on itself.
Essentially, 600,000+ Americans are buried for something that was foreordained with or without their sacrifice.
The times being considered, Sherman and Grant conducted TOTAL warfare against an ENEMY, and it succeeded.
The South was downtrodden by the North for decades before they were able to recover. (many consider that justified)
Personally, I beleve the World Wars would have had different outcomes if it were NOT for a US of A. That unity has made the United States an Icon known world round. But is it perfect? NO!
The Civil War may have eliminated a form of Slavery, but surely induced another. States Rights are now anathema to a Big Central Gov't. I believe the Civil War expedited this process.
Welfare and preferrential treatment in the job place are now codified into law, versus pursuing independent opportunities and being rewarded for your initiative and performance.
I think the results of the American Civil War enabled these and other socialistic tendencies to infiltrate the Idea of America.
Sherman, Grant and the Union Forces squashed the dream of an Independent Individual in America. We are now an entity of the Federal Gov't. States have little say and Individuals even less.
Yet, we are able to contend with the worldwide enemies of a Democratic Republic. (perfect? No, but it is what we are,)
Ironically, in order to maintain our faulty American system we need to aggressively pursue TOTAL WARFARE against our enemies. Sherman and Grant Killed the South to maintain a Union (which I think was NOT necessary). However, since WW2 we cannot COMMIT to the TOTAL WARFARE concept today to sustain the American way of life.
Maybe the South WOULD have been better without the North in todays world!
(please understand I've had a couple of glasses of wine and am a Southron at heart. I'm probably venting more than not. Never-the-less, please give your opinions on my diatribe.)

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