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 Posted: Sat Nov 12th, 2011 11:38 pm
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I'm one of those who think Vicksburg was more important than Gettysburg, but the attention is to Gettysburg. But the press was more focused on Gettysburg so it gets more attention today. Why? Washington was a possible target, if Lee turned south he could have marched on the capitol. Then you have Philly, NYC, Boston, the major cities of the North were all going to be seen as being at risk even if it was more likely the Army of Northern Virginia could not march on them due to the distance it would put between the army and Richmond. Gettysburg isn't exactly near to Richmond so Lee was taking a big risk that even a corps wasn't sent against the capitol. But the focus was on him so the risk may not have been as much to worry about.

There always seems an "On to Richmond" and "Destroy Lee" mentality when you look at things now. And that seems to be how it was then. Destroy the Army of Northern Virginia and Richmond would be at the Army of the Potomac's mercy. It's as if it had to be a major blunder or something really big for the press to pay any attention to the Western theater.

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