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 Posted: Wed Nov 16th, 2011 02:51 pm
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I found this the other day. I know that the gatling guns really never made any kind of tactical impact, but I thought this passage was interesting. Its from PVT Oliver Wilcox in the 83rd PA. The letter is dated June 10, 1862 from the Peninsula.

"We have a cannon drawn by one horse that one man can fire two hundred times a minute by merely turning a crank. Every revolution fires one ball. It is a curious Yankee contrivance. The cartridges are put in a hopper, carried one by one round in a cylinder and shoved into the barrel and fired. It makes a noise like the dogs of war let loose. The balls are only a size larger than our musket balls, a regular "Minie ball." Don't you think one of those coffee mills could "weed out" a secesh regiment about as quickly as any tools they have? I understand that every Pennsylvania regiment in the service is to have them. All the Pennsylvania regiments near here have them."


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