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 Posted: Thu Nov 24th, 2011 07:13 am
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I was looking at some things concerning Gideon Pillow and there was a quote by Grant which makes me wonder if Pillow might have been more of a hinderance to the Confederate cause. Supposedly following Fort Donelson Simon Bolivar Buckner met with Grant and told Grant that Pillow had believed that he was the most wanted man in the Confederacy and that Grant would be more concerned with his capture than the forts. To which Grant replied that had he captured him he'd have immediately returned him to the Confederacy because he could do more for the Federal cause by leading Confederate soldiers.

So the question is was Grant right? Was Pillow more of a hinderance that the Confederacy should have removed from field command even sooner than he was? Yes following Fort Donelson he was suspended until August of 1862, but it doesn't look like he was pulled from field command until after Stones River (Murfreesboro) when he was appointed to the Volunteer and Conscription Bureau for the Amry of Tennessee. Even in that battle he wasn't more than a brigade commander, but it was still a field command.

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