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 Posted: Sat Nov 26th, 2011 07:03 am
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Considering Confederates did operate out of Canada, that would probably have been a bad idea. They have to flee south through northern territory and hope they didn't get captured there. And there was a chance of getting captured in Canada after such an attack. If it came out they were Southern agents Canada wouldn't have been pleased by the attempt.

 And firing on a British ship would probably have been a bad idea as well. CSS Alabama was built in the John Laird Sons and Company shipyard in Birkenhead, England. CSS Shenendoah was built by Alexander Stephen and Sons on the River Clyde in Scotland.  CSS Florida was built by William C. Miller and Sons of Liverpool, England. CSS Georgia was purchaserd in Dumbarton, Scotland. The steam sloop-of-war CSS Rappahannock was built by Money Wigram & Son on the Thames in the Blackwall area of London and was originally HMS Victor. CSS Tallahassee/Olustee/Chameleon was also built on the Thames, this time by J & W Dudgeon in London's Cubitt Town area. CSS Stonewall and her sister CSS Cheops were both built by L. Arman de Riviere in Bordeaux, France. If anyone recgonized any of these ship's by and found out where they originated then that would have caused the Confederacy a problem. But even if a ship was not recgonized (or was American built) there would still have been the problem of getting away with it. They'd have to make sure no British warships were around to observe and that they were fast enough to not be tracked down and captured.

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