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 Posted: Fri Dec 2nd, 2011 03:13 am
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I read some years ago that artillery only accounted for 6% of the casualties during the war. But from what I have read canister seemed to be the 1860's equivalant of a WMD. According to

there was 27 .43 pound balls that measured 1.49 inches in diameter in each shot of canister. Many times artillery was loaded with double canister. Also i found out that a good artillery man would aim at the ground in front of an approaching line of infantry so as to bounce the canister into the enemies faces while also kicking up rocks. Learning this i cant help but feel that canister should have caused more then 6% of the casualties during the war.

Another thing if the 6% thing was true then it would mean that only about 350-400 confederates were killed or wounded by artillery during Picketts charge.

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