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 Posted: Fri Dec 2nd, 2011 02:21 pm
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General Sherman

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Mr. good morning,
I apologize me in advance for the errors of language English.
I would try to bring the discussion, looking for, personally, if possible, to avoid the details of the controversial personality some man Sherman however.
Indeed Sherman represents the beginning of a new way of conducting the military operations, both from a strategic point of view and of vision ampler than it also concerns the political sphere.
We are not able, according to me to reduce him to a mere performer of orders, but to bring back the figure to a general that has never lost sight the objectives of the war and what the politics asked him. Later almost four years of terrible war to quickly finish it was had to change even more her in terrible, if possible war also involving the civil population. Sherman, his despite, it fully interprets the true Yankee spirit (I hope doesn't become angry my Yankee friends) in the sense of the pure cynicism to reach the purpose, costs that that costs also from a point of view of moral and historical judgment. The degenerations of this strategy I believe really that Sherman didn't have her completely considered, but that at the most he had foreseen of the "collateral effects". Mr.: there was to win a war, the north wanted to win it to all the costs and quickly (you see Sheridan in the valley of the Shenandoa) and Sherman from this point of view has been a general that has developed what he wondered him to do. And he has done it.

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