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 Posted: Sun Dec 4th, 2011 01:55 pm
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CSA...I'm not knocking Lee or the valor of the southern soldiers. But even if Pickett's charge carries the day on July 3rd...the ANV had suffered pretty heavy casualties. Lee was far from home with what would be a damaged army. The South's logistics wasn't capable of long term offensive operations on Northern soil. Meanwhile the North is on their home turf replacing its losses much easier than Lee.

If Lee would somehow score another victory there could be a slight chance of Vicksburg holding on. But Vicksburg was already on its last legs as Gettysburg was raging so even then it might not have helped out Vicksburg. I think Lee and Davis underestimated Lincoln's determination to keep the nation united. The guy wasn't going to give up.

England might have recognized the South after Gettysburg but the British had since the very early 1800's been very adamantly anti-slavery. Their navy patrolled the coasts of Africa hunting down slave trader ships. That is why after the Emancipation it made it very difficult for them to lend meaningful support to the Confederacy. They would have been ridiculed by the rest of the world for being hypocrits if they now supported a slave holding nation.

Anyway this is my view of things.

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