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 Posted: Sun Dec 4th, 2011 02:38 pm
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I was thinking England banned slavery in 1807...but that was the slave trading. You are right in that they didn't ban slavery completely until 1832. I know basically nothing about Brazil and England diplomacy so I will give you that one also. But I'm a stubborn one...I still don't think England enters the war. Russia was already pretty pissed at the Brits for stirring up trouble in Poland, which was Russian occupied. Things would have got interesting fast if Britain comes into the war. Not sure if England would be willing to go down that road to eventual World War.

I will also admit that the morale of the North would be effected negatively by a Confederate victory at Gettysburg. But Vicksburg would almost certainly fall anyway freeing up Grant's army to come east in parts or the whole thing to reinforce Meade's army. The fall of Vicksburg would still give the North a boost in morale there. For the record I had two ancestors in the 4th Texas (Hood's Brigade) at Gettysburg. They were in the Devil's Den and assault on Little Round Top. So I'm not hating on the South's valor. I just think the war was stacked in the North's favor from the get go.

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