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 Posted: Thu Dec 8th, 2011 02:25 am
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I do agree with that Mark, if Lee had routed the federal army at gettysburg or any other battlefield during the campaign his biggest concern would have been resupplying ammunition to his army. He would have had to take a city that had an armory by suprise, not giving the federals a chance to destroy their stock. But i think if Lee had destroyed or routed the federal army, he wouldnt have been able to turn back... not abandoning his best chance for victory. Lee understood the affairs of the confederacy probably better then most, i think he knew he had to win and thats why he took the losses he did at gettysburg because he was giving it his all.

Here's an off topic question: IF England would not recongnize the Confederacy then why did they have Col. Freemantle at Gettysburg?

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