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 Posted: Sat Dec 10th, 2011 07:56 pm
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On the Fremantle question, this seems of interest:

While serving in Gibraltar Fremantle met Capt., Raphael Semmes, who so captivated him with tales of the American South, that on leaving Gibraltar he applied for leave of absence from his Regiment, which he used to travel to America where the civil war was about to enter its third year. Despite his subsequent achievements in later life, the American civil war is arguably the event for which Fremantle is probably most remembered, due to him being the only British Officer present at the battle of Gettysburg as an observer and guest of Confederate General Longstreet.

In 1863 he wangled six months leave of absence in order to visit America, but not in any official capacity. He was not "Her Majesty’s observer," as depicted in the movie, but simply on a private vacation. He did however have the good sense not to risk the blockade and a possible repeat of the Trent Affair—but in reverse. One can imagine Mr. Lincoln’s face upon hearing that one of Her Majesty’s Guards Officers had been apprehended trying to enter the Confederacy on a blockade runner.


The full thing is here:, and here: Also checking the full site may prove interesting as it also includes an article on the British view of things:

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