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 Posted: Tue Dec 27th, 2011 02:22 am
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This letter by Henry Moore of the 38th North Carolina may shed a little light on the subject of the fence. He writes, " As we emerged from the woods we were nearly three fourths of a mile from the Federal lines. We could see about a mile of the enemy's works. We suffered very little from the enemy fire until about half way across the field. We climbed a diagonal fence running across the field and (when we had) climbed it. We were now greeted by heavy doses of canister. Our men were falling in every direction but we managed to struggle on. About 200 yards from the enemy we reached another fence which confused us considerably. The fire from enemy artillery and infantry were terrible and we were reduced to a mere skirmish line." I believe the fence hurt them by stoping thier momentum. I do not see the fence as being much of a shield. The last thing they wanted to do is stop and be a sitting duck.

Source: Letter of Henry Moore, Warsaw N.C., UNC archives collection.


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