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 Posted: Thu Dec 29th, 2011 09:57 am
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Thinking about it I think certain units are better known than individual regiments and more likely for folks who don't really study the war very much to know of. The Irish Brigade. The Iron Brigade. The Stonewall Brigade. Pickett's Division. Mosby's Rangers. Berdan's Sharpshooters. The Orphan Brigade. It's more like the name causes some units to be more likely to stand out more than say the 33rd Virginia or the 69th NY.

Maybe it's just that the numbers kinda turn most folks off which really causes modern publicity to make certain regiments stand out even more. Or maybe the names a unit is given romanticizes them more. And off course some units are more known for a particular event which is what makes them better known today than other units are. Pickett's Division, obviously we all know where the name comes from. But what if the attack were known as Trimble's Charge instead of Pickett's Charge? I mean the average person learn's only about Pickett's Division being involved in the attack so had the attack come down to us as Trimble's Charge the average person would be more likely to know of Trimble's Division and have little to no clue about Pickett's.


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