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 Posted: Fri Dec 30th, 2011 09:40 pm
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csamillerp wrote:
i think Hood used his only option by moving into tennessee, if he could take Nashville or Knoxville he would have forced Sherman to confront him. I guess in his eyes it was one last ditch effort to extend the life of the confederacy. I dont believe Hood was the best commander for the situation but i also dont think he was the rage blinded fool alot of people percieve him to be. Just my opinion though
Who perceives him as a rage-blinded fool? Fool, maybe. As timorous as Johnston seemed to be, he would not have destroyed the AoT in an attempt to draw to an inside straight.

Johnston probably would have abandoned Atlanta but, at least, he would still be a threat to Sherman who would not have attempted that march with the entire AoT available to contest his every move.

Sherman tired of chasing Hood all over north Georgia and told Thomas to deal with him.

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